Last session


Today was the last session of our 10 week course. We filled out an evaluation on Neil’s blog about what we’ve liked, learnt, etc.

We looked at Google Docs, which I found interesting and will be using at home since I’m too cheap to buy Microsoft Word, Office, etc.

I go away to Malta next week so I may use Google Docs to keep updated with meetings I can’t attend.

We also looked over everything we have done and made a group Prezi. I enjoyed moving other peoples stuff around in both this and Google Docs, it’s fun to annoy people xD.

Bradhadir has finally learnt to behave. Don’t tell him, but I still prefer Jasper…. Shh!

All in all I have enjoyed the 10 weeks and look forward to looking at everything in more detail when I come back.




Today we did more work with GIMP and prezi.

We continued with the presentation we started last week and created logo’s to go with our statements.

I found it interesting and was pleased with how my logo turned out

It is meant to repesent the volunteer work I do with childrens mental health services.

I only had a little bit of trouble with Bradhadir today so I’m not as stressed as normal.  I think he’s finally getting used to me xD.

Overall I had fun today playing with shapes.




Today we did some more work on prezi and GIMP.

In  GIMP we worked on:

  • Selecting things
  • Changing colours
  • Moving things
  • Transforming, scale rotation, etc
  • Created a vector graphic

We created a prezi based on ‘You can get there from here’

This evil computer is now named Bradhadir which means ‘plays with fire’ and ‘fire starter’

It was difficult trying to think of 3 things that I want to do in the future as I’m more of a ‘live in the moment’ kind of person.


Used GIMP to edit a photo of myself

Frustrated that the computer doesn’t like me, he’s mean. It keeps failing to do what he’s meant to.
Used  FreeMind to make a spider diagram which was good. I liked messing about with the display of it.
I am looking forward to learning more about computers, but first I need to name this one. Yes, I like to name inanimate objects, it makes me feel saner when I shout at them.

Used GIMP to ed…


Got GIMP software at home on Jasper (who likes me alot better than that evil pc at the Blackie) Was playing around with an old picture, I already looked scarily like a vampire in the original:

But after playing with the colour balance, hue/saturation and contrast I ended up with an even scarier vampire Beckhi:
I like the finished picture alot (even if it does look like I’m ill)
I also played with the scale and turned them into JPEG files in order to post them on here.
I’m quite proud of myself even though its something simple it’s something I wouldn’t have been able to do even a week ago =)